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Vallender Lab

The Vallender Lab is part of the New England Primate Research Center (NEPRC) at Harvard Medical School. Our lab is foremost a genetics lab with a focus on neurogenetics, evolutionary, and comparative genetics. Our primary efforts focus on understanding the genetic variation within and between primate species and how this information can be used to better elucidate human evolution and to identify, understand, and treat human disease.

We are relatively new and small, having been established in only 2009. Our lab is envisioned as a combination of a dry lab focused on computational and bioinformatic approaches and a wet lab focused on traditional molecular biology techniques. We also actively collaborate with other investigators at the NEPRC and more broadly to incorporate additional phenotypic data into our work. This has included behavioral phenotypes, pharmacological response and assorted physiological measures. We are also branching out to incorporate additional "-omics" technologies in an effort to move beyond candidate gene approaches.

The NEPRC offers unique resources that do not exist elsewhere. We have access to genomic DNA, mRNA and other biological samples from nine Old World and New World monkey species and numerous individuals.

For more information see our Research and Publications webpages.